Editorial | Number 24

In this issue of the Estudo Prévio journal – number TWENTY-FOUR – we publish an interview with an architect who is also Design Project professor at the Department of Architecture of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa: João Favila. We seek, therefore, to contribute to building the memory of an Architecture school that celebrates this year its 25th anniversary.

In this issue we invited the anthropologist and researcher Maria Assunção Gato to coordinate the thematic dossier “Uncertainties about housing and ways of living”, composed by four papers – by Ana Rogojanu, Maria Moreno, Nadezda Pazuhina and Maria Assunção Gato & Filipa Ramalhete – which explore, in different cultural and geographical contexts, how the house, in the contemporary domestic space, answers to uncertainty.

We also publish a paper by Rita Aguiar Rodrigues, who presents and analyzes a selection of Hans Döllgast’s projects, identifying the themes that appear to be eminent and transversal in his work and a paper by João Miranda with an original analysis of the design process of the Francisco & Manuel Aires Mateus “Casa em Alenquer”, based on primary sources.

Finally, this issue includes a review by Tiago Leonardo of the work “água. e a casa é o mundo”, a catalogue of the last exhibition by the sculptor Carlos Nogueira.


João Favila

Drawing allows one to control scale, it is very different from Autocad and the computer. Nowadays, I have a healthy relationship with it. It was hard for me to see the first printers firing off drawings, but eventually I accepted that they were more perfect than drawn by hand. Today, I see this process as complementary – 3D and two-dimensional drawing – not least because the computer gives an absolutely unbeatable degree of rigor. Nonetheless, they both complement each other.”



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