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The number TWENTY-ONE of the magazine EP Estúdio Prévio begins with a very special interview, carried out with the architects from the Escola da Cidade de São Paulo and UNA collective, Cristiane Muniz and Fernando Viégas. The interview was carried out in two different moments, by the architects João Belo Rodeia and Bárbara Silva: it started with a conversation at Da/UAL, in October 2021, when Cristiane and Fernando participated as tutors in the Vertical Studio held annually with all students from the Department of Architecture at UAL, and continued later, by zoom, to finish some aspects we thought should be developed. Since Escola da Cidade is a project with similarities with the Da/UAL course, it is very interesting know it better. It is also very rich to be able to hear professional experiences from a context as different from ours as Brazil is.

This issue has four articles and a critical review. All articles offer innovative, sometimes even provocative, readings of architects and works that, despite being well-known by the public, are still largely under-researched. We are talking about two international architects (Rem Khoolhaas and Sverre Fehn) and the Portuguese Gonçalo Byrne. These last two result from PhD research projects. Thus, we seek to contribute to a richer theoretical discussion in this field. The review visits the book written a decade ago by the Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa “The Eyes of the Skin. Architecture and the Senses”, where the author proposes an approach that explores buildings in a multisensory way, beyond the vision of the object. 


Cristiane Muniz e Fernando Viégas

We worked on it very intensely and it influenced us because we had to search for many teachers, interview many people, publish a lot of projects. It opened up a world of possibilities, of meetings and dialogues, which we knew would be important for the rest of our lives. 

About our experience with Caramelo magazine, I would like to add that, besides thinking, reflecting about architecture, it gave us the opportunity to experience collective action 



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