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This EP – Estudo Prévio issue is the number TWENTY. It is a very special issue, for several reasons. First of all, the collaboration of the architect João Caria Lopes, co-director and founder of the magazine, to whom Estudo Prévio owes a lot and is grateful, ceases in this edition. Maintaining a project like this during its first ten years of existence implied a lot of persistence and never stop believing that it is worth investing in its quality and continuity. Thank you, João, and best of luck for ongoing and future projects! EP – Estudo Prévio now welcomes with great pleasure and enthusiasm in our team the architects João Quintela, as co-director, and Rodrigo Lino Gaspar, in the editorial production.

We celebrated the fact that we reached number 20 by inviting the architects Pedro Baía and Ricardo Carvalho to coordinate a historical dossier. This dossier is composed by a selection of fundamental texts in Portuguese architecture, written in the last few decades, and long out of print or very difficult to find today. Our purpose it to give these texts a new life, both in Portuguese and English. For this issue, we interviewed the architectural historian Tim Benton. We believe that the conversation we had with was the best way to open this issue, as it opens up innovative perspectives and analyses. Finally, the two reviews, by the architects Miguel Judas and Rodrigo Lino Gaspar, revisit a book and a plan which are fundamental for understanding contemporary Portuguese architecture, starting from what was published, claimed and designed in the years of the dictatorship.


Tim Benton

So, when is it wrong to be wrong? It’s right to be wrong either when it’s witty or when it’s popular, when it’s being accepted, like language, that changes all the time. When is it wrong to be wrong? I say it is wrong to be wrong when you’re trying to be right. You can’t make a quotation and get it wrong. Or you can’t try to be respectful of the architecture of the past and disrespectful at the same time.



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