Editorial | Number 19

The publication of the #19 issue of the EP – Estudos Prévio magazine resumes, even in a pandemic context, a tradition that has been a constant in the magazine, the thematic dossiers. In this issue, we invited the architect Paulo Moreira, PhD in Architecture, with research on the Informal City, in the European and African context, who organized a dossier that starts with a biographical interview with the architect and urban planner Isabel Raposo and then presents us with research perspectives in contexts distinct territories, Angola and Cape Verde, ending with a review of a remarkable book about the reality of the Brazilian favela. As usual, the magazine includes, in text and audio, an interview with an architect, this time with the sculptor and professor Carlos Nogueira, an interview that we publish with special pleasure, since professor Carlos Nogueira was, for many years, Professor in the 1st year of the Autonomous Architecture course, having contributed in an unforgettable way – with his classes full of art and poetry – to the training of hundreds of architects who attended our school.


Carlos Nogueira

I’m a teacher too, or I’ve been a teacher all my life too, and it’s an activity that I deeply like. And I must say that this activity, like everything else in life, is a mixture. In my life everything gets mixed up. What’s more, people meet again, even if they haven’t seen each other for many years. And what you feel, what you think is always exchanged with those who are okay. I’m lucky, in life, to get along well with a lot of people.



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