About the Magazine


The ESTUDO PREVIO magazine is a biannual publication of the Center for the Study of Architecture, City and Territory of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CEACT/UAL).

With this publication we want to project a new place where knowledge sharing can be done with the naturalness of a conversation, with the rigor of a technical article, with the presentation of a book or even through open debate in the digital community.

The proposal to create another architecture magazine was, from the beginning, a challenge to choose a slightly different path and therefore we created an editorial line centered on the real conditions that determine architectural production even before any sketch or model, or even even before we were architects.

The permanent Crisis, the constant Natural Catastrophes, the development of Suburbs will certainly be themes that we want to deepen in this publication, but also other themes that condition and influence Portuguese architecture, such as the number of architects in Portugal reaching 20,000, the number of architects on the verge of Unemployment and on the other hand the growing diversity of New Professions where architects are able to make their contribution.

We want this to be a publication that makes a PREVIEW on teaching and practice in architecture and that expands the debate on the conditions and constraints of our profession, so that we can continue to evolve through the sharing of experiences, opinions and work of investigation. Only then will we be able to build a solid base, open to finding solutions to the new problems and challenges that the world faces today.

The core of this publication focuses on Interviews and the open Paper Submission system. The Interviews are focused on generating conversations that fluctuate between the pedagogical, research and professional practices of each respondent and can be read, in Portuguese and English, but can also be heard directly on the website; Articles will work in a call-for-papers system, selected by the editorial board.

In the same project we also have space to promote the invitation to read, making presentations of recently published books, but also classics – books that have become important references for architecture.


Editorial Board


Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário – CEU

Editorial responsibility
Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura, Cidade e Território da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa – CEACT/UAL

Filipa Ramalhete, CEACT/UAL e CICSNova
João Quintela, CEACT/UAL

Editorial Production
Rodrigo Lino Gaspar, CEACT/UAL

Editorial board
Bárbara Silva, Da/UAL
Luz Paz, ETS de Arquitectura. Universidade da Coruña / School of Architecture. University of A Coruña
Maria Assunção Gato, Dinâmica’CET – IUL, ISCTE
Maria Pia Fontana, Universidad de Gerona (UdG)
Marta Sequeira, Da/UAL
Ricardo Carvalho, Da/UAL
Rute Figueiredo, Da/UAL


Joao Carmo Simões (nº0 – nº6)
Pedro Frade (nº7 – nº12)
Gonçalo Henriques (nº13 – nº20)


Paula Pedro
Isabel Silva
Carolina Peralta
Hugo Silva

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