editorial ELEVEN

editorial ELEVEN  


In issue #ELEVEN, Estudo Prévio pursues its original editorial project – rooted in academia while fostering critical thinking and sharing of knowledge, mixing knowledge and research from different parts of the world and professional backgrounds as the number of contributors to the journal increases throughout its 6 years of existence.


At a time when debate on scientific research has taken a new turn - namely due to the demands regarding indexation and a normalization of knowledge dissemination - and the role of the researcher in architecture requires redefinition, we consider crucial that different and innovative perspectives and approaches contribute to thought and reflection on the city and on architecture. The fact that estudoprévio is a journal developed in project-oriented school of architecture encourages publication of practical experiences that may contribute to a wider theoretical framework. Nevertheless, more conventional approaches deriving from ongoing research should still be welcome.


As a result, this is a heterogeneous issue that includes an interview with landscape architect João Gomes da Silva, who is also a lecturer at UAL, a wide variety of research papers on the city of Lisbon, as well as papers evidencing research conducted for PhD theses on different themes such as recent Turkish architecture or the column as an architectural element. Two reviews on books on the city of Lisbon are also included - "A internacionalização de Lisboa - paradiplomacia de uma cidade" and "Lisboa.  Uma cidade em movimento", making this an issue focused on the city we live in at a time when Lisbon expands at tourist and economic levels.


estudoprévio editorial line


ESTUDO PRÉVIO (Preliminary Study), it's the semiannual publication of the Centre for Architecture, City and Territory Studies (Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura, Cidade e Território) of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (CEACT/UAL).

With this publication we want to project a new place where it is possible to share knowledge with a simple conversation, with the accuracy of a technical article, with a book launching or with an open debate in the digital community.

The proposal to create another architecture magazine was, since the beginning, a challenge to choose a slightly different path and so we created an editorial line centred on the real conditions that determine an architectural production before any sketch or model or even before we become architects.

The permanent Crisis, the constant Natural Disasters, the development of the City Outskirts will certainly be topics that we would like to deepen in this publication, but also about other topics that affect and influence the Portuguese architecture, for instance the number of Portuguese architects now reaching 20.000, the number of architects at the verge of Unemployment, and on the other hand the growing diversity of New Professions where architects can make a contribution.

We want this publication to make a preliminary study “(ESTUDOPRÉVIO”) on teaching and practical aspects in architecture and extend the debate on the conditions and constraints of our profession, in order to continue to evolve by sharing experiences, opinions and research works. Only then can we build a solid base, open to find solutions to new problems and challenges that the world faces nowadays.

The core of this publication focuses on Interviews and on the open system of Submission of Articles. The Interviews will focus on generating conversations that float among the educational practices, research and professionals of each interviewee, can be read in Portuguese and English, and also can be heard on the web site; the Articles will be done in a call-for-papers system, selected by the editorial board.

In the same project we still have space to promote reading, book launches, and also the classics – books that have become important references for Architecture.


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